Our Man in UK - operational outsourced sales

Our Man in UK helps technology companies evaluate and corroborate the UK markets; proactively assisting them to bootstrap their business by winning their first UK customer and partner identification. There are  tactical and strategic decisions to be made that fall into Outsourced Sales, Sales Consultancy and Business Development.

Operational Sales

Virtual outsourced sales office

Our Man in UK offers its international clients a virtual sales presence in the UK attending meetings, seminars and exhibitions as needed.

Partner channel management

Agree your partner expectations. Assess your “fit” both financially and culturally. Independently confirm your opinions. Agree time table and key management objectives.

Sales delivery

Agree target markets, identify prospects, engage, present, qualify and close sales. 

Account management

Where the customer value warrants, developing and implementing an account management plan to achieve agreed goals.  

Tactical customer development

Responding to market opportunities and following up on sales leads and oppotunities.

Orphaned customer

Managing an existing customer that has engaged independently, but has no UK support or contact.  

Sales Consultancy

Value proposition development

The value proposition needs to be relevant with specific benefits for the UK market and differentiate from competition.  

Opportunity assessment

Assessing the fit of the opportunity to existing strategic plans and to determine its commercial feasibility.

Product and solution acceptance

Having agreed the value proposition and target markets the next step is to test market prior to full scale product launch.

Market research and evaluation

Market data should shape your plans; it could show you that a country you were planning to move into has too much competition or falling demand for your existing propositions.

Go to market

Methods of selling overseas differ in complexity, cost and the risks they present. The decision is between direct and indirect sales within which is the best model.

Ongoing business

Having executed against your market entry strategy, the next step is to agree what “Business as Usual” looks like and to have a plan in place that delivers this.